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Our non-profit organization has used Tellis & Company since we opened our doors.  When we decided that we needed to secure non-profit 501(c)(3) status, we knew that we would need to secure help from someone familiar with non-profit guidelines.  We selected Tellis & Company based on recommendations from others who started with grass roots companies and saw the benefit in employing the firms services.

Here we are seven years later and Tellis & Company is still our accounting firm of choice for maintaining our exempt tax status and helping us ensure we manage and disburse receivables according to our bylaws and the applicable tax laws.  Every time we call on Tellis & Company they produce results, work quickly and we learn a little bit in the process. They are also affordable, which means a lot for a start-up non-profit.

We would recommend Tellis & Company for all your non-profit needs.  We have worked with them on not only our tax status, but employed their business consulting services, and had then conduct a mock internal audit in our fifth year to ensure that we are not at risk of having our exempt status revoked.  Without Tellis & Company, we would not be in the financial shape we are in, or in the position to continue expanding the services that we provide.

~ Melissa J., Executive Director

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